Managements Announcement

Dear TSF Members,

As you have probably heard by now, Diny and Jelle are no longer members of the TSF Crew. During the last TSF management meeting, which was held on Sunday December 11th, we have discussed this with the entire management and crew, including Jelle and Diny. This decision was taken unanimously.

Today we have sent an email to Diny and Jelle to make this decision official. As said the decision however was made by the entire management and crew with the approval of everyone present at the meeting.

All activities organized by TSF have always been done by the entire Management and Crew. Nothing will change in this way of working. .

The TSF Managements regrets we have to let two go two very motivated people but we respect this decision.

We want to thank Diny and Jelle for all the work they have done for the Fanclub and wish them luck with their activities and we are sure our paths will cross on many occasions to come.

TSF management.

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