Fanclub Update (Part 2)

We received a lot reaction on our call for volunteers and we are plaesed to see that TSF is very much alive and appreciated by the fans!
A lot of you came with good ideas which we will surely consider!

In the meantime everyone who responded received a mail but it is still possible to apply for volunteer.
We are looking at all responses and will see that the tasks we have will be dided amongst you all.

Because of the amount of reactions we received, we think about the possibility to share some of the tasks between several people. This gives everybody the opportunity to contribute to TSF and limits the time you have to invest in the Fanclub it also gives you the opportunity to get to know other WT fans around the world.

Thanks for your response and we will get back to you soon!

You can still applyHERE
You can fill in the Fanzine PollHERE.