Door Moondolphin, Concert Eindhoven 11 maart 2012

Very nervous on my way to Eindhoven. A long time since I saw a whole WT concert live. At the theatre there was a mixed crowd, some familiar fans, but also a lot of older people, so I am very curiuos how they experienced it. The first part of the show was very beautiful with moviefragments of a story about a boy who is sick, and dreams of being a warrior in the Scottish Highlands.

At that point everyone stayed in their seats, and were just enjoying the beauty of it. The second part of the show, everyone was standing, and it was one big party with Mother Earth, Sinead, and ofcourse Faster and Ice Queen, and others.

In the first part Sharon was wearing a beautifull short white dress, and in the second part a black short dress with on top of that a beautifull long white skirt.
My seat was on the fourth row, so the view was excellent, and it was just one big party, really wow!!!