Door Hannah Leigh, Theater tour, 15th April 2012, Carré

To say that I was excited about seeing my first Within Temptation theatre tour would be a huge understatement…there were 76 days to go when I first booked the tickets and I counted down every day since then! I flew over from England with my dad, who is also a big fan.

So finally, finally, it was the 15th April!
There was a great atmosphere throughout the whole evening and it was wonderful to be surrounded by other WT fans – everywhere you looked there was a WT hoodie/t-shirt…it was great!

So, it all started with The Last Dance and Sharon’s voice was so beautiful and pure, alongside the powerful drums, and…well, the sound was just incredible. The band didn’t interact with the audience but instead focused on the music.
The beautiful story going on on the screen fit so perfectly with the music and it was very emotional! It was also amazing to hear songs I never thought I’d have the chance to hear live, such as Bittersweet and Overcome.

The second half was such a big change! The band interacted with the audience and by the end I think everyone was standing – which makes sense, I mean, how can you sit through songs like Sinéad and Mother Earth?! 😉

This half the more well known songs were played and the music was so powerful, and I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one singing along! The audience was great and Sharon even asked where everyone came from after the show – I wasn’t the only one from England, yay!

So, afterwards of course I was sad that it was all over, but I waited outside in the freeeeezing cold – I forgot my coat – to meet the band. It was kind of crazy, there were quite a lot of other fans waiting but I managed to get a picture with Jeroen, Stefan and Sharon, which was amazing!! 😀
So, all in all, I had a magical time and want to say a huge THANK YOU to Within Temptation for the wonderful show!!
Until the next time!