Fanclub Update

As you might have noticed, there hasn’t been much activity on the fanclub website in recent times.

This is due to several causes:

-Limited time. All crew members are volunteers with full time jobs and because of that we have very limited time to spend on fanclub activities.
-Unfortunately, someone was involved in a car accident last year and is still recovering from it. They were a very important source of information for us. Because of this, our flow of information practically stopped.

This has also affected the continuity of the fanzine.
We do realize us that we have done you short this last year and we regret that.

Last weekend we, the crew, discussed all of the problems we had to deal with during the last year and we have set up a plan to breathe new life into the fanclub.
For this we need your help and we are looking for enthusiastic members who can help us.

We need volunteers for the following activities:

The webmaster will be responsible for maintaining the website plus collecting and publishing news about Within Temptation and the fanclub.

Facebook Administrator
The responsibility of the Facebook Administrator will be primarily to place messages on our Facebook page.

Twitter Administrator
The responsibility of the Twitter Administrator will be primarily to place messages on our Twitter page.

Fanzine Editor
The task of the Fanzine Editor will be the writing of (concert) reviews, collecting news for the fanzine and taking interviews.

For all activities we are looking for several people so we cover as many concerts and events as possible in the Netherlands and abroad.

You certainly don’t need to have profound technical knowledge about websites etc. We will guide and help you to fulfill your tasks and we will discuss your work with you on a regular basis. It is mainly important to be very enthusiastic!

If you are interested in helping us with one of these tasks – or you can contribute in any other way – you can send an email to and we will contact you. Please mention in the subject box for which tasks you want to apply. Or apply HERE.
Don’t hesitate and apply now!

About the Fanzine
Because of the increasing flow of information through social media, it gets harder every day to fill the fanzine with up-to-date and one-off information. In the last few years we have always succeeded in this but it is getting more difficult with each issue of the fanzine.

Therefore we have decided to adjust the frequency of the fanzine, of course without derogation of the amount of information we want to offer you. How we will do this is up to you. On our homepage we have published a poll where you can say what you want. Go to our site or go directly to the poll HERE.

About the FCD
During our last meeting with the Management, it became clear that a yearly Fanclubday isn’t a realistic option anymore. This is, amongst other thing, due to the very busy schedule of Within Temptation and the limited time they have We regret to inform you of this fact. However, we will do our utmost to organize a Fanclubday on a yearly basis, but we cannot guarantee this anymore. The Band and the Management will be very cooperative in this because they also value the Fanclubday’s a lot and they always enjoy the FCD and the contact with the fans.

About the Membership Card
There will be nothing changed about the Membership Card. The Membership Card will be issued every year to existing members and to new members on registration for a Full membership.