A Little bit of patience — 3 Comments

  1. I was starting to get worried as I have yet ever received a copy of the fanzine. Today, to my total surprise, this issue arrived. Not only did that make my day, but as I flipped through the pages (I was at work – had to be secretive)on the last page there was a photo of myself, my wife and Sharon, Mike, Robert and Jeroen taken last September (2011) in Baltimore.

  2. I got my Fanzine this week and I have to say that when I saw the Envelope I was kinda excited. Now I just feel ambivalent.
    If the picture were nice, there were too much of them. Only three articles and with only one on the band it self was poor. I read it in less than Half an hour. And honestly Robert interview was old and I read all that was in it last year in several magazines.
    As Member, we wait for something special, not an old interview from a Greek website.
    I’m disappointed by this fanzine even though the picture were nice. It doesn’t fit to the Quality you used to give us.
    I can tell you that several member of other fanclubs (for other bands) were quoting you as an Example of What should be done for the fanzines. If you were late we used to get all fanzines, we got special interview, songtext explained and special feature… My friends were jealous of those so great fanzines… But this last one… If the look of it is better,the content looks like the one they get from those others fanclubs.
    I do understand that you have lifes and works besites the fanclub but you used to do this before.
    Anyway, I wait for the next one hoping this one was just a rock on the path of your story. and that you’ll do Again the great work you used to do.


  3. I recived the latest fanzie on Sat and it was worth waiting for.I love the extra edition with the photos of the fanclub day xx Thank you SF 🙂